(Zutphen, Netherlands, 2014)

This exhibition is about ontological and anthropological issues, in a variety of mediums as video, photo, painting, assemblage sculptures, object art and installations.
An exploration of time-space, an approach to macro cosmos and micro cosmos as a reflection of each other.
Humans stories as cosmic History. Electronic chips as recipients of information and energy, cells circuits, fossils of information.
Organic or Inorganic? Post historic objects, as ancient personal, social and political memories from a distant future.
Absolute anachronism or primal order.

How past and future can be understood as an eternal present?.

Fetiches 1

Fetiches 2

Time traveler


Eternal Present Sun Dial

Information Nest

Wind-up Bird Totem

Information is Consciousness

Arqueología espacio temporal


Gallery view

Macrocosmic beach

City landscape