Audio visual installation by Héctor Ferreiro.

The name was chosen as a tribute to Andreas Cellarius’s Harmonia Macrocosmica 1660 star atlas.

Understanding our selves and everything that surrounds us as a reflection of the order in which stars, molecules and biological organisms arrange.

Order and destruction, creation and chaos: The difference between the amorphous shape of a rock and a perfect sphere, between a rusted surface and a spiral, between a snowflake and the Milky Way fades away in time and space.

Communication takes part between cells, people, stars... The way molecules of crystals and water arrange, as a form of communication. Spirals and fractals as physical representation of the two existing main forces, a centrifugal and a centripetal, which interaction between them all along from micro cosmos to macro cosmos is transformation.

The Universe through a subjective point of view is perceived as a Multiverse because it is just a part of it. Individuals cannot be divided but their existence implies a division. Since the Universal Consciousness contains all existing consciousness, communication with other than its own self is impossible from a universal point of view. What is the essence of communication?

Is division and union of universes a paradox? Are centrifugal and centripetal forces forms of communication?

Because the same energy can be perceived either as wave frequencies or particles (wave-particle duality), the difference between material and metaphysical phenomenon becomes an illusion, from the exchange of forces and particles on subatomic levels to constellations, human communication and mass media.

Transformation, evolution, exchange, and communication are part of the journey of consciousness. Information as consciousness. From sacred geometry to digital information electromagnetic forces interact. The similarities of a DNA chain and a screw, a circuit board and an organic system are examples of mankind creations emulating the creative process of the universe.

Is the Universe communicating only with his own self? Our perception wanders from Higgs’s boson to dark matter force, but the point where it begins is within us.
Maybe beyond the stars is here, where perception and communication takes place, the place we are, here and now.

Beyond the stars is here

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